It is estimated that over 4.5 MILLION dog bite injuries are sustained each year in the United States, and Illinois ranks second in most dog bite attacks per year. In fact, dog bite injuries account for more than one third of all homeowners insurance liability claim payouts.

The statistics show and our years of experience tell us that the majority of these attacks are suffered by children. In these cases, the physical and emotional injury to the victim is deep and lasting. It is especially important to have a skilled Plaintiff attorney involved early in a dog bite attack, as the at-fault party/dog owner will work rapidly work to attribute fault to the victim by suggesting provocation or prior knowledge of the animal’s aggression.

Mark and his team have represented a large number of dog bite victims, many of whom were children, after vicious attacks leaving permanent injury. If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, contact Mark and his team as soon as possible to protect your rights and FIGHT BACK.