When others drive negligently or recklessly causing an accident, it is often the most innocent on the road who pay the price. At Patricoski Law Offices, we have been litigating complex injury and wrongful death cases involving cars, trucks, tractor/trailers, buses, motorcycles, taxis/rideshare, bicycles, and other vehicular cases for over 30 years.

Our clients have included victims of head on and rear end accidents, injuries that include double amputees, and those wrongfully killed on the road. Do not hesitate to contact us so our team can get to work protecting your rights in seeking the highest recovery possible for YOU.


When injured as a passenger, many believe their rights to recovery are limited. This is NOT true: We are experts in working with individuals injured as a passenger to help them secure the fullest and fairest compensation for their loss and their injuries.

Commercial Trucking

Immediate action is required to preserve a case when you or a loved one is hurt by a commercial truck, including 18-wheelers, light-duty box trucks, and delivery vehicles. Hours can make a difference when it comes to preserving accident black box data before it is lawfully destroyed by trucking companies or their insurance companies.

Trucking companies are well-seasoned at defending accidents caused by their drivers, consequently, immediately contacting an experienced injury attorney is your safest bet.

Call us immediately when faced with this situation so we can handle these imperative details while you focus on your health and wellbeing.

Pedestrian vs. Auto Accidents

Many times, these victims are simply walking, minding their own business when struck by a negligent driver. We are here to help.